Automation of business processes

Automating processes, including management processes, is the most effective way to reduce personnel costs.

By automating your processes, you will substantially improve quality

The biggest benefit of automation is a significant reduction in the number of mistakes people make. The reduction in errors is immediately reflected in revenue through fewer customer claims and complaints.

The reduction in errors also has a major impact on internal communication and satisfaction: everyone can rely on having something handled correctly when they ask for it in the company.

We can help you improve and automate your processes

We can help you streamline your graduation processes through automation. We know all the steps needed for automation:

  • Describe processes and evaluate their potential for automation. We have a good understanding of many processes - if you don't have them standardized yourself, we can help you with our experience.
  • Design how to fully or partially automate processes
  • Describe the processes in BMPN if a tool that imports the BPMN model will be used
  • Implement a system for automation

We can also streamline processes for which full automation is not suitable. By using automated support methodologies, we can improve quality in processes that require flexible solutions.

Customers often have the idea that automation only applies to processes with many steps. But in reality, most automated processes have only a few steps, sometimes even just one. Even for simple processes such as holiday approval, automation makes sense..

Project management support

Project management manages all process areas. Automation and system support helps to significantly reduce project extra costs. We describe project support here.

Automation of meeting management

Careful leaders spend a lot of time preparing, conducting and recording meetings. If the meeting is not prepared poorly, the staff spend more time on the meeting. We know from experience that automating meeting management is a very effective tool that saves hours of time per month for every employee.

Meeting management - an ideal candidate for automation

Automated meeting management support is a tool that managers use either on its own or as part of a larger automated unit

How meeting management support works:

  • Agenda preparation for a meeting is semi-automated based on the previous meeting. It involves meeting participants through system integration
  • The agenda is continuously refined and all invited participants see it in advance.
  • A dashboard with the necessary information is automatically prepared for the meeting and everyone has access to it.
  • The minutes are automatically generated immediately at the meeting - no need for subsequent posting and approval (although this is also possible)
  • Automated voting at the meeting records the results and all the necessary documentation for the major decisions is ready immediately..

Automate your processes

Take advantage of our experience and system support. Whether you have your own orchestration and automation tool or use our solutions, we can help you.

You can start using our tool for free and see if automation makes sense for you too.