Document management and data protection

Information and documents need not only to be made accessible to people, but also protected from unwanted alteration, access or loss.

AyMINE provides an information and document management system that will manage the availability of information down to the last detail.

AyMINE views the concept of information in a general way - it supports the management of information stored directly in the system in the same way as the documents added to it. It offers more than the usual DMS.

Working in compliance with methodologies and standards

Order in the system of information

Information items of different types allow you to structure information better than if it is just in documents. AyMINE works with tasks, minutes, decisions, requirements,... Instead of a generic document, you break down information according to what it actually is.

Compliance with required standards

Objects have a life cycle that conforms to ISO 9000, ISO 20000, but also to automotive standards such as ISO 26262 or Automotive SPICE


In AyMINE you have an archiving system that allows you to archive organizational records and project data. All in accordance with standards such as ISO 26262, CMMI, SPICE and others.

Everything ready for an audit

Evidences for audits

The system was designed to support audit and control of all changes and operations. When the auditor arrives, he will not have to search for any records.

Automatically generated records

AyMINE automatically creates many records that standards and audits require. It works with them as protected data, providing the necessary documentation.

ISO 27000 compliant protection

And our main advantage? We provide you with a fully managed system. If you want, we'll take care of the setup for you. You don't need an in-house IT expert, and you can have the comfort and security as a large company with its own IT.