Project management software

Quality and efficient project management requires system support. If you have to comply with an internal quality system or with external methodologies, you cannot do without a solution that supports these standards.

The software automates and simplifies

  • Automate scheduling
  • Easy day-to-day task management
  • Tasks and workflow in everyone's mobile phone. So they can work anywhere.
  • Track of requirements and check that they are being fulfilled
  • Check on handover and acceptance to ensure that all solution requirements are complied with
  • Check that activities comply with guidelines, standards and other obligations

Manage projects like experts

We can help you manage projects not only efficiently and conveniently, but most importantly, effectively. With a project management system, you'll be the experts who are in control and in the know. The system will ensure you don't forget anything important. It will save you a lot of time and stress and you will easily meet the requirements of many standards, starting with ISO 9001. With our methodology, you can easily comply with automotive standards such as ISO 26262, VDA 6.5, Formel Q and others.

Tím, že systém implementuje podporu pro všechny činnosti, které se mají v projektech dělat, nemusíte přemýšlet o tom, co dělat a jak. Získáte oprávněnou sebejistotu, podpořenou metodikou.

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