Software systems for an efficient company

Efficiency lies in the elimination of unnecessary activities, information tracking and redundant communication. It makes work not only cheaper but also faster.

We provide companies with software tools that automate and simplify many everyday activities.

  • Effective tools for an efficient communication
  • Meeting management from preparation to recording
  • Managing daily tasks even for teams on the road or at at the home office
  • Project management that complies with even the most stringent standards
  • Online publicating
  • Managing the quality management system and automating the activities required by QMS
  • Automating the web requests processing from routine enquiries, whistleblowing, GDPR enquiries to registering prospective students
  • Smart activity reporting to check whether work has actually been done

We can solve your problems

We can help you create efficient environment, processes and workflows. Whether you choose our AyMINE®system or you already have a system but it doesn't deliver what you need, we can help you with our experience from many previous cases.

Our experience you can rely on

We understand the needs of companies and we can optimise information systems. We have more than 20 years of responsibility for running the information system underlying the core services of a large company. We have helped with the analysis, development and implementation of systems on which turnover in the billions of crowns a year depends.

However, we can also help an organisation with 2 people or a self-employed entrepreneur.