Educational programmes and trainings

PDQM focuses on comprehensive training programs for teams and on eLearning courses. Ideally, we work with teams on a long-term basis, providing comprehensive trainings for IT professionals, management and people responsible for quality.

Educational programmes are closely linked to practice

Trainings are provided by lecturers who are experts in the field, work as managers, analysts, prepare application testing and lead teams. Our courses are therefore based on practice

We also offer follow-up support - mentoring to help put the knowledge into practice or direct involvement in your implementation team

Our courses are offered both in Czech or English.

Tailor-made training

We adjust all our courses for companies to the needs of the participants. We create individual content from prepared modules, supplemented with examples from the field and with regard to the focus of the participants.

We prepare trainings tailored to your processes and standards. We also prepare internal e-Learning programs and can take care of your own corporate training system.


We are gradually expanding our offer of courses for individuals in the form of e-Learning. The courses contain all the information that is also in the lecturer-led courses. The course includes a discussion with the trainer. In e-learning, you have the same learning opportunities as in tailor-made courses.


Educational programs and courses are combined with mentoring, either for the corporate team or for individuals.

MMentoring gives you the opportunity to individually improve your skills in the field in which you work, but you perceive that further improvement would be good.

Mentoring is an ideal development opportunity for staff who don't have a team around them to develop together. Typically, these are roles that are scarce in a medium or small company: business analyst, IT officer, or project manager.