AyMINE training for users

Learn how to use AyMINE really efficiently. The app does many things that make life easier and are not obvious at first glance. On the course you will learn them to get the most out of the app.

Designed for

  • The training is designed for new users who are unsure about using the system
  • A briefer version for proficient users is available by prior arrangement. In this case, the focus will be on effective use of lesser-known system features, user confusion and questions

Main topics

  • Navigation and system control
  • Communication between system users
  • Data organisation and what you should know about data protection
  • Tasks and how to work with them
  • Meeting management - preparation, execution, recording; recurring meetings>
  • Object pockets and their use
  • Cliplink - a tool for efficient work
  • Exports and prints
  • Suitable settings for mobile phone

The training takes half a day.

The training is always carried out as a team, at the client's workplace. An online version is also possible.

The training is in Czech or English.

For the purpose of the training, no licenses are required for the participants. The training takes place in the PDQM testing and training environment.

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