Managing people - in and out of the office

People don't need to meet daily to cooperatefficiently and have a clear overview of who is working on what and what he or she has done.

AyMINE and our assistance can help you create the tools and mechanisms that 21st century management deserves. The system will save you a lot of time when everyone is in the office, but even more when they are at the home-office or in the field, such as with customers.

When making work easier, people usually talk about automation, but there are many activities that can't be automated - it isn't economically viable, or the work is so varied that it doesn't make sense. AyMINE is ideal for such a case - dynamic management of activities while remaining 100% flexible

Process management

The AyMINE system is ready to support any kind of cooperation.


Shared contacts and tasks that are important for marketing, sales, but also service provision, including quality monitoring, e.g. according to ISO 20000.

Helpdesk and ticket management

Whatever you're looking after: energy, IT, software development or construction contracts, you need to be able to collect problems, respond to them and resolve them. The helpdesk is useful in all fields.

Project management

AyMINE efficiently supports compliance with standads such as PMBOK, Automotive SPICE and others.


The system keeps track of who did what and made decisions wherever they were.

Support of important agendas

Support for important agendas that depend on documentation of issues, risks, incidents. The system takes into account GDPR processes, security management, risk management and others.

HR agenda

Employee data management system, personnel files, training and qualifications management.

Product catalogue

The system not only allows for quality documentation and analysis of own services, but is also the basis for product development.

Let us show you our solution, try it for yourself and see for yourself that it could bring you more savings than you think.