Our assistance is based on a thorough understanding of how IT helps business and how to comply with standards and regulations in processes. IT technologies are everywhere nowadays and, especially in the development of transport equipment, they are playing an increasingly important role. That's why IT and automotive are closer than they at first seem.

Efficiency and automation of activities

There is no longer an area in a modern organisation that is not supported by information technology. We can help you with many of them, find solutions or directlyimplement system support, that will make operations more efficient and less expensive.

Of course, the opportunities for improvement depend on the field of activity, but all companies are concerned with the field of:

  • Day-to-day management of tasks, meetings and deals
  • Compliance with legal obligations - documenting activities, ensuring that reports are submitted, archiving data
  • Proper planning and overall quality management
  • HR data management, overview of who can do what and who does what
  • Risk management and disaster recovery
  • Effective internal communication - discussions, instructions, messages.
  • Security of information systems, technology and data
  • Project management and resource management
  • Posting information on the internet, quickly and without a web supplier

Compliance with laws, standards and norms

Do you need processes, services and people to comply with laws and standards? We have extensive experience of implementing standards and complying with laws in companies of very different types. For example, we have helped a bank to transition to the new Civil Code, or an IT company to meet a number of ISO standards.

Quality from the beginning to the end - not only for the automotive industry

Quality from the beginning to the end - not only for the automotive industry Quality is not ensured by standards, but has to be ensured by day-to-day processes. PDQM has experience with all the steps that quality actually requires. And we are ready to help you with all of them

Especially for the mentioned Automotive sector, the standard compliance is crucial. Almost nothing can be produced without compliance with VDA 6.5, Automotive SPICE and ISO 26262. We can help you with all these standards. We offer training, help with implementation and system support.

We help not only with the automotive standards complience, but a number of other standards for many industries:

  • ISO 20000 - Implementation of a service quality management system
  • ISO 27000 – Implementation of a safety management system
  • ISO 33000 / ISO 27199 – Software development and testing system