Process analysis

We can help you describe how the company really works internally and find ways to improve.

We can help you describe how the company really works internally.

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Develop a process model

If you are interested, we can help you with everything related to process analysis:

  • Develop a process model
  • Prepare proposals for changes
  • Help automate processes

We can prepare a process analysis for you

Example of process analysis output - Health insurance process:

Health insurance process

We prepare documentation of the organization's internal processes as they actually work. At the same time, we can suggest improvements, either by rationalizing them or by automating them.

How we work

Our process documentation is based on general standards, but if you need to integrate processes into your process map, we will adapt to your needs.

We use the ArchiMate language as standard for a complex view of processes, the so-called process map. For detailed processes, such as the example above, we use BPMN.

We can cover not only business processes, but also detailed operations and workflows. Based on these, we can also create complete workflows and automate their management.