Ensuring compliance with standards, implementation of IQMS

Implementing a management system is an important step in meeting most modern standards

Organisational standards are not about documents

Whether you need to meet common standards such as ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 or detailed standards for specific areas (e.g. CMMI, ASPICE), you always need to have an effective solution for core activities:

  • A task management system with automatic documentation of activities
  • Information and documentation management system
  • Effective internal communication tools

ISO standards are not standards about document management, but about ensuring activities that contribute to quality, safety, product reliability, etc. Each of the standards focuses on something different, but what all of them have in common is creating a management system for a given area. Therefore, you need to effectively plan, manage and document all activities in order to fulfill them. The need for management and documentation applies to activities directly required by the standards as well as to normal business processes.

Effective planning and management is not possible without system support that automates activities.

Key benefits of automated standards management

Automation saves you capacity

This saves capacity of a person responsible for supervision and documentation. This saves you the capacity of a person who would have planed, supervised and documented the activities. You will use his or her capacity to really help the company - to focus on quality, not paperwork.

  • Tasks that need to be checked are created automatically
  • Even routine tasks in contracts and internal processes contain procedures. This makes it much easier to train people
  • The task includes checklists that are proven to contribute to quality. AS they are included in the tasks, completing them does not slow down the work. They answer people's question "Have we done everything that is needed?"

Audit is no longer a problem

The second major benefit of automated processes is the documentation of all activities. For an audit, you need to document what was done by whom when. The management system automatically and continuously collects this information for you. No one has to deal with it.

The benefit of documentation is not only for auditing. Because it is continuous and automatic, it is also a quick source of information for management work and for checking the effectiveness of people.

IQMS compliance monitoring as well as work from home supervising

Managing people working remotely is another benefit of the task management system. It gives you an overview of what people have done on any given day. This not only automates the checking of compliance, but also allows you to effectively monitor whether people are actually working.

Points of quality check and further segmentation of the process flow, but tracking their work results and job reports that are linked to specific duties and tasks. It is a completely transparent and open system, fully in line with the company's ethical and legal obligations.

We have been dealing with the issue of how to make quality management systems as efficient as possible for a long time. We therefore implement modern procedures that significantly save time and substantially increase the benefits that the Quality Management System provides.

We help you build an effective IQMS

With the help of a tool that integrates the management system with definitions of mandatory procedures and standards, we can effectively implement any organizational standard.

We cooperate with quality managers and companies that implement the standards. You will therefore take full advantage of the management system already created, but we will help you automate it and make it more efficient.

Process automation

Meeting process standards is only challenging until you have proper system support for them. System support is directly required (e.g. in ISO 26262) or recommended under newer standards.

We can help with all the necessary activities

  • Project management of building your IQMS
  • On our own or in cooperation, we will create a system to monitor compliance with all standards and provide evidence for internal and external audits
  • We will streamline the way you manage activities - not just those prescribed by the standards, but all of them

What standards can we help with?

We are ready to help with:

  • Process-oriented standards, e.g.: ISO 9001, ISO 10000, ISO 20000
  • Technically-oriented standards ISO 26262, IATF 16949, ISO 15504, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO 27000
  • National and European legislation, e.g. checking compliance with the requirements of the GDPR
  • Management responsibility requirements required by the stock exchanges
  • Designing changes to corporate information systems to meet legal conditions and to collect mandatory information efficiently.
  • Creating a clear process map to enable processes to be developed efficiently.
  • training company staff to understand the requirements and point of the standards and internal processes.

Our experience with standards and legislation can help you

We have more than 20 years of experience in implementing management systems and the impact of legislative changes on company processes and products.

Experience and examples of implemented projects

Projects with us are led by a member of staff with ISO 9001 audit experience.

Over 20+ years we have helped companies ranging from a few people to corporations and schools with 5,000+ employees.

  • We have provided internal audits to the standards
  • We have produced a number of maturity assessments to CMMI, ITIL, ISO 27000 and other standards
  • We have helped with the implementation of the integrated management system according to the series of standards ISO 26262, OHSAS 18002, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 20000, ISO 27000
  • We have carried out impact audits and change management related to major legislative changes (NOZ - new Civil Code, GPDR, change in VAT law) in large companies
  • We helped to implement a process management system to ensure the reliability and integrity of the company's deliveries in the automotive sector
  • We worked as a safety manager to certify to the customer that the requirements of ISO 26262 were met during development
  • We take care of the project and process management system for companies, which monitors and automates compliance with standards

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