Business risk analysis and operational assurance

External threat analysis

Steps to develop continuity plans, disaster recovery plans

External risk and threat analysis helps you find critical areas that can put your business at risk. Our analysts can address all types of threats except financial threats.

  • Physical damage or attack
  • Electronic threats
  • Societal threats
  • Threats from supplier-customer relationships
  • Legal threats and threats from failure to maintain quality and reliability levels

The analysis does not only include finding threats, but also:

  • Proposing measures to minimize the possibility of them occurring (Mitigation plans))
  • The cost analysis od the suggested ways to be prepared for the situation
  • Balancing the cost of prevention and protection with the cost of the event itself
  • VDeveloping contingency plans for events

Crisis management system

We can help you build an effective crisis management system. A crisis management system is an independently functioning system with everything you need to enable your staff to take the necessary actions in the event of an emergency or an event that has already occurred..

A crisis management system provides you with:

  • Information and crisis plans available to everyone who needs them
  • The necessary functions and services to minimize the impact of an event
  • Getting the current systems and services working properly as quickly as possible

Prepare for problems that hopefully won't come. Preparation will help you keep damage to a minimum..