Acceptance management and testing in the project

Verification of product quality and all project intermediate stages are necessary for a high-quality result and mandatory to comply with quality standards. We can help you plan and run the verification so that everything is performed and documented as required.

We can help you organize and manage the verification and the acceptance process

We have the experience and the system tools to prepare and document the entire process in the project.

Our system support will help you prepare and document tests to meet even the most stringent standards - more about that here.

Preparation and checking of documentation

We can help you create an acceptance plan and design the steps the acceptance must comply with the standards. We define the test preparation and documentation procedures for the project.

We coordinate the work of the experts who will perform each test. We make sure that all the steps of testing and acceptance have the necessary documentation according to the agreed project methodology or general standards.

We provide complete testing for software development

As part of software quality assurance, we have excellent knowledge and experience to design complete tests for your project that meet CMMI, Formel Q, ISO 26262 and other standards. But above all, we can design and manage the tests so that the quality of the developed application is truly tested.

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