Training of the Project Management

Project management is integral part of many quality-oriented standards that PDQM focuses on. Our training is focused on those managers that should also complete some of the quality standards starting at ISO 9001 but also ISO 26262, ASPICE, ISO 10000 and other.

For demonstration of the project management standards we use the AyMINE Business edition, particularly the project management tools. So that the training is also recommended for projects companies using this tool. However, the training is not AyMINE- oriented; tool is used just to present the management processes in practice.

The PM training topics

Training organisation is organised according to the PMBOK standard:

  • Project planning and scope decision
  • Project management and documentation
  • Change management
  • Configuration management
  • People management – team management, Task management, Negotiation
  • Decision

The training is 4 days course and always is organised for company teams as an internal training.

Project management not only for project managers

Our training is closely joined with quality standards that should teams fulfil in during the whole project. Therefore, we recommend the trainings not only for project management but for all who somehow cooperated with development projects as well as for regular project members.

Why is the management training useful for no-managers:

  • Understand better scope decision and better cooperate on that
  • Be involved in the project quality management
  • Cooperate on the task fulfilment
  • Understand the team roles and sometimes even tenses that occurs